Where are nanomaterials used?


Nanotechnology is a so-called key enabling technology. This means that nanotechnology is a phenomenon that can improve many different existing types of processes, materials and products, or result in even new ones.
Manufactured nanomaterials constitute one group of nanotechnology products. One could say that nanomaterials are intermediates in nanotechnological manufacturing.

Manufactured nanomaterials may be used for production or as ingredients in a wide range of applications and products. In brief they can occur in almost any market sector, including industrial processes and manufacturing, electronics, environment, energy, textiles, food and feed, health care, biomedical, and health care.

The EuON provides an overview on more than 300 currently used nanomaterials in Europe as identified in different registers.

The nanodatabase (http://nanodb.dk/en/) contains more than 3000 consumer products accessible on the European market, which have been reported to contain or identified to potentially contain manufactured nanomaterials. One can search for the types of nanomaterials known in the products.

Note: In the nanodatabase (http://nanodb.dk/en/), all products have been subjected to a NanoRiskCat assessment, which categorizes whether dermal, oral, or inhalation exposure is possible and whether any toxicological effect has been observed with the nanomaterial in cell cultures or in biological test organisms.

Source: H2020 caLIBRAte Project


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